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Oct 12, 2019 at 09:23 AM

upload vendor master lsmw error in conv file


Dear Expert Team,

I am Trying to upload vendor master using lsmw batch Input. i used this program program several times in different project but this time i receive the below error message when i try to create batch input session. I went to file tcode and found the folder that was mentioned in the error and tried to enter my converted data file but still it did not work. i checked the sap note that was mention in the error but its not compatible with my system.

File "VENDOR.lsmw.conv" is not in the directory area "/tmp/" "(FI_COPY_COMPANY_CODE_DATA_FOR_VENDORS_0X)"

Message no. SG805


You have specified the file name 'VENDOR.lsmw.conv'. However, your system administrator has specified that the file in this context must be stored in the directory '/tmp/" "(FI_COPY_COMPANY_CODE_DATA_FOR_VENDORS_0X)' or a subdirectory of it.

System Response

It is not possible to access the file 'VENDOR.lsmw.conv'.


Specify a valid file name or contact your system administrator.

Procedure for System Administration

More information about checking file names: SAP Note 1497003 (

Appreciate your support.