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Oct 11, 2019 at 10:05 PM

Crystal Reports XI: Multiple Reports in one multi page PDF/ Pass Parameters to Stored Procs


Hello SAP Community,

I am new to Crystal Reports and need help. My end goal is to produce a report that will be one PDF containing multiple pages.

I currently have three stored procedures in SQL server. Each stored proc prompts for three input parameters(account number, start date, end date).

I have Crystal reports connected to my SQL server and have connected the stored procs to Crystal Reports desktop application.

What I have done so far is create a report for each stored proc for the purpose of pulling the data into CR. Each report is a graph.

I have a created an additional CR report with no data source. In this master report, I inserted the three aforementioned reports as SUB-REPORTS. The first sub report inserted into a Report Header A, the second sub report inserted into Report Header B, the third sub report inserted into Report Header C. This has achieved my goal of having multiple reports consolidated in one PDF with page numbers.

The problem that I am now facing is that when I refresh the report in CR, all three stored procs are prompting for input parameters. Each stored proc has three input parameters, so when I refresh, I get a prompt for 9 input parameters. Each stored proc share the same input parameters which is (account number, start date, end date). This is not how it should be. The way it should be is that I should be able to enter the 3 input parameters ONE TIME and the 3 input parameters should be passed to all three stored procs. How can I achieve this? My first thoughts are I may have to use a programming language to do this in Visual Studio, but not sure if I am on the right path.

Kind Regards,

Johnathan Tejeda

Sr. Data Analyst with a little programming experience