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Oct 10, 2019 at 04:01 PM

Output determination is set to Print Immediately but stays in spool


Our ABAPer created a program and Smarform to print carton label immediately after PGI. Output will only go to spool and required manual release.

Here's what we have:

Processing routine: Output type is a copy of PL00. We used because we believe it prints upon PGI.

Transm. Medium: "Print output"

Output types: Dispatch time set to "send immediately(when saving the application)".

Partner function: Ship-to party

Condition Records: set to "print immediately".

Dispatch Date/Time: is set to 4. Send immediately(when saving the application)

When order hits the NAST table Print Immediately is logged as X. which is equal to Yes.

Can any experts think of something we have missed?