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Oct 10, 2019 at 11:56 AM

How to Store and Retrieve OAUTH Tokens in SAP PO ?

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Hello Experts,

Here is the scenario wherein I may please require your valuable inputs/ suggestions:

" From WS client the new access token and refresh token is sent, SAP PO polls every 20 mins using Sender REST Polling (token expires every 30 mins) an and the received tokens needs to be stored

Polling output look alike:


"access_token": "w05ssdc5-f441-492b-978f-82db88a21ccb2",

"refresh_token": "115s3dc5-f441-492b-978f-82db88a21ccb2",

"scope": "givenName mail nonce openid profile sn uid",

"token_type": "Bearer",

"expires_in": 1799


Now vitally I wanted to store the tokens in SAP PO and then retrieve it to call for actual business Interfaces.

This will help me to avoid doing multiple API authentication calls(there is a API Limit as well) to do the actual business interfaces run and Instead simply retrieve the tokens from lookup table or some property or brm or any.

Achieved through value mapping and NWA application property but seems to have limitations in terms of security and delta cache issues. There is no ECC or any database systems to even do a look ups.

Looking forward for a Better solution. Many Thanks!


Rajesh PS