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Oct 09, 2019 at 02:26 PM

UDF to fetch latest token during data processing at receiver channel


Current Scenario:

As per the current logic we have dynamic Token mechanism in SAP PI message mapping and token is taken during mapping processing. In production, we have token validity defined for 30 mins.

Issue Description:

During any planned cutover/maintenance activity when the channels are stopped and data gets hold in PI for more than 30 mins in that case data cannot be sent because token gets expired after 30 mins. So to avoid such circumstances a feasible solution need to be implemented where token will be taken during data processing in receiver channel itself.


A possible alternative is that we perform the look up in message mapping and then save multiple tokens in the dynamic context and then at Adapter level in the channel we select the latest and correct token that corresponds to the message.

Need expert advise to implement a UDF that can handle the above mentioned solution