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Oct 09, 2019 at 12:30 PM

Migrate XML DAS system from SolMan 7.1 Java to SolMan 7.2 Java



Our current archiving setup is XML-based ILM archiving.

We are archiving data from ECC 6.05 SP9 Production system using SAP Solution Manager 7.1 Java-stack (SAP J2EE ENGINE CORE 7.02 SP17 PL0) as the XML DAS system to store data on OpenText 16.2.0. We have already archived ~1TB data using this setup.

We are installing a fresh Solution Manager 7.2 Java system that will replace the current Solution Manager 7.1 Java as the XML DAS system.

Please advice on what needs to be done so that we can migrate from Solution Manager 7.1 Java to Solution Manager 7.2 Java as the XML DAS system with zero impact to other new / additional configuration on Solution Manager 7.2 (and also access the files already archived using SolMan 7.1).