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The migration of Dependent Characteristic Specifications (Task list)

Good afternoon,

I faced with a need for migrate QM-data in SAP system.
The question which has not been answered is “How I can migrate materials’ Dependent Characteristic Specifications of Task List in SAP system (not manually)?

I have been trying to do it with Migration Cockpit and LSMW instruments, but they didn’t help me.

Have you got any ideas? I would be deeply grateful for any help!

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3 Answers

  • Posted on Oct 09, 2019 at 01:34 PM

    Hi, Sara!

    One task list is assigned to several similar materials. They have the same set of operations and signs of control.
    The inspection characteristics, assigned to the operations, accepts the tolerance limits defined in the Master Inspection Characteristic.

    However, despite the fact that the materials have the same set of operations and signs of control, the tolerance limits of a specific inspection characteristic are different for each material.

    For example. Inspection characteristic: "Mass fraction of moisture." Its lower limit value defined in Master Inspection Characteristic - 5% and the upper one - 75%.

    However, for material A, valid lower limit value is 20%, and for material B the lower limit value is 40%, valid upper one is 55%.

    Having thousands of such different valid limits for different materials, how can I migrate them in a task list?

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  • Posted on Oct 09, 2019 at 02:44 PM

    I don't believe you'll find it very easy.

    The data is maintained in table PLMW.

    If it's a straight migration to a new system and you aren't changing anything in the process, you MIGHT be able to simply transport the table PLMW.

    But the MAPL table and PLMW need to be in sync. There is a Critct field in each table. These get internally assigned with the creation of the records. If the PLMW records Critct field get out of sync with MAPL I think you 'll experience inconsistencies. This is all assuming you are not changing the Group or group counters during the migration, or the MIC position number in the plan.

    But if you study these two tables, you should be able to see the critical items that need to be kept in sync which should then maybe lead you a solution forward.

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  • Posted on Oct 09, 2019 at 07:43 PM

    Hi Ksenia,

    I am a little unsure what you mean by migration. Are you actually migrating data to a new system, or just trying to clean up the data you have in your current SAP system?

    It sounds like what you are trying to do is have an Inspection Plan (QP01) as follows:

    Group P1234 Counter 1 assigned to Material J53

    Group P1234 Counter 2 assigned to Material J54.


    This can be very time consuming to create thousands of, so you have a few options to speed it up. You could do a BDC recording or a SAP Scripting Recording. This would allow you to enter data into an Excel sheet, change the particular specs you want, and then upload to SAP as one big mass upload. I have made SAP scripting files in Excel VBS for various uses - for simple transactions it is quite easy. Some companies would purchase a product called Winshuttle, which basically does the same thing.

    If you found that most of the specs are the same per material, but only a few differ, you could look at using Reference Operation Sets. These allow you to enter a standard set of tests in your Inspection Plan, and then manually add only the tests where the specs are unique. This can also make maintenance really easy going forward, as any change to the standard set of tests will cascade down to the individual Inspection Plans.

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    • Hi, Sara
      Thank you for ideas, but i have tried them and they have no result :( Because the screen number 2501 has not the batch input. You choose the material by "cursor", not by writing "material number". And what is more … it is simply not allowed to add screen field with "cursor number" in your screen recording in "SAPLQPAA 2501".
      Of course you can add "material number", it is allowed, but when Batch Input Session is running it can not recognize your "material number" input, just because screen number 2501 does not imply such input.

      dd.png (21.3 kB)