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Oct 08, 2019 at 08:59 PM

References: Trigger to Update Cascade on Oracle


Hi everybody!

We have a legacy model that was created using trigger to implement the integrity on references. We need to migrate from triggers to constraints (change the implementation to declarative) but we need to mantain the update cascade using triggers for Oracle database. Is there a way to do this on PowerDesigner?

If we change the implementation on integrity of a reference from trigger to declarative we lost the triggers. Is there a way to use both? Is there a way to configure the delete constraint as declarative implementation type and the update constraint as trigger?

The only way that I got this was creating 2 references: one to define the delete constraint and other to define the update constraint (and I think that's is not good enough).

Any help?

Thanks in advance!

Reference Properties \ Integrity \ Implementation \ { Declarative | Trigger }