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Oct 08, 2019 at 10:47 AM

Invoice Tax calculation rounding issue



I have a situation where I am manually calculating item and freight tax in order to add to a total amount to draw from a downpayment for an invoice. However more often than not I am getting an invoice total of -0.01. This seems to be because SAP B1 is not rounding Tax as expected.

For example, in one instance I have freight with a tax code made up of 3 tax rates of 4, 4.5, and 0.38.

If the freight amount is 123 then the tax amounts will be 4.92, 5.535 and 0.4674 respectively. rounded to 4.92, 5.54 and 0.47.

However SAP B1 seems to be rounding 5.535 down to 5.53 meaning that once I have added freight, freight tax, line totals and line taxes I get to a total of $657.70 to draw from a downpayment whereas SAP B1 is expecting $657.69.

I have other instances where it is not happening on freight tax but is on a line tax amount.

Any Ideas what is happening here?