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Oct 08, 2019 at 04:57 AM

HANA XSA Odata V4 returns empty..


I am getting a strange error in Odata V4 using node module in HANA XSA..

CDS View which is exposed using this Odata is reading data successfully from cross container synonym and I am able to view in database explorer, but OData GET call returns empty response with HTTP 200. Metadata call is also successful, However, following error in console suggests some error..

10/8/19 4:31:17.459 AM [APP/5-0] OUT GET /catalog/V_SPEC

10/8/19 4:31:17.461 AM [APP/5-0] ERR Database connection is missing

Already added dependency for db module in mta.yaml. Do I need explicitly add any additional logic in node.js to make a connection to hdb ?