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Oct 07, 2019 at 04:53 PM

getData not working properly after setDimensionFilter statement In SAP Analytics Cloud


Hello all

I’ve noticed recently that if I use .getDataSource().getData after a setDimensionFilter statement – as shown in below code – the textbox used is not refreshed properly.

Following steps in the below example:

The highlighted textbox total revenue is matching the table revenue (because I’ve clicked 2x times in button AK).

But if I click on the next US State WA (button WA) then I see the highlighted textbox & table total revenues not matching:

But if I click a second time in button “WA” then I get the desired result:

In summary, only after a second click both TextBox and Table are matching?! And this forces the user to always click twice on each state object – and this is not acceptable, don’t you agree?

Any idea why this is happening in SAC Designer Application? Am I missing something or doing something wrong?

Kindly advise as soon as possible.


Armando Santos -->


It seems to me the setDimensionFilter is the last statement executed in SAC designer and it ignores the getData statement which is running after setDimensionFilter.

Table_1.getDataSource().setDimensionFilter("State_Ab", state);

Chart_1.getDataSource().setDimensionFilter("State_Ab", state);

Tot_Revenue_TEXT.applyText("Total Revenue: "+Chart_1.getDataSource().getData({"@MeasureDimension": "[Account].[parentId].&[Total_Revenue_in_M]"}).formattedValue);



image1.png (40.1 kB)
image2.png (40.3 kB)
image3.png (41.5 kB)
image4.png (21.9 kB)
image5.png (10.6 kB)