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Oct 08, 2019 at 08:58 AM

Custom translations for standard SAPUI5 application


I am currently implementing an extension to a standard application from SAP Marketing.

The extension contains new texts that need to be translated into different languages. In my previous extensions I could use the translation key of the standard application for my extension as well. The first line in the file in this case was always structured as follows:


However, in the standard app that I'm currently editing, it looks like this:

# This is the resource bundle for Campaigns 
# __ldi.translation.uuid = 8e965d5e-c905-4b60-ac2a-205abb14046 

In transaction se63, the translation key (is it even a translation key?) is not found - either with hyphens or without. Furthermore, in the standard app, the translations are kept in a single file for each language (e.g., That's why I'm not sure if there's even a translation key for this standard app.

I don't want to create a new translation key for my extension and use this one. Once I did this, all the translations of the standard app had to be maintained for the new translation key as well.

Is anyone familiar with this type of translation? How can I maintain the translations for my extension?

Best Regards,