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Oct 07, 2019 at 02:32 PM

SAP FC 10.1 SP8 : "The following error has occurred : invalid pointer"


Dear All,

The error attached happens when I run a consolidation on SAP C 10.1. "The following error has occurred : invalid pointer" capture-decran-2019-10-07-a-162528.png.

I do not this error when I modify the variant of the consolidation. capture-decran-2019-10-07-a-163046.png

Can you please help me understand the reason of the error which happens on a variant 1 for instance and not variant 7 as you can see in the prinstscreens :

- the consolidation treatments are exactly the same (only the variant differs)

- this did not happen in the 7.5 version (there was an upgrade to 10.1 SP8)