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Oct 07, 2019 at 12:36 PM

How to change the annotations sap:filterable and sap:sortable for CDS referenced OData Services


Hello experts,

We are using SAP Gateway as interface for JAVA custom development. To have a documented interface contract and for better understanding, we are thinking of using $metadata/edmx as contract for our JAVA colleagues. This implies we want to have certain annotations always filled - such as sap:filterable - so we know how each interface can be called aka what functionality it has.

We implement OData in 2 flavours, for which the second gives confusion.

1) Code based implementations:

For Code based implementations, we can use the Gateway Builder properties setup, where we can indicate which columns of an entity are filterable.

2) CDS based implementations by means of adding a reference to CDS in Gateway project (hybrid project)

The problem here is that I see no way to generate sap:filterable annotations out of CDS?

It would be great to have annotation in CDS available that automatically maps to the OData annotation. We want to avoid adjusting the MPC_EXT class and program these annotations.

Thanks for the help!