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Oct 05, 2019 at 01:48 AM

PO Net Price in line item does not remain in field despite being maintained.


Dear experts,

Problem happened when I inserted net price at po line item.

Once I hit ENTER, the field net price became empty, net value showing zero but PBXX amount field adopted same price.

I am using standard pricing procedure RM0000 and no schema group assigned in both BP and schema determination. ( I copied RM0000 and created YY0000; contents remains unchanged)

No PIR involvement as this is non-material purchase. ( free text )

Hereby i attached the pricing procedure and PO behaviour screenshots for your reference.

Look forward for ideas and guidance.

Thank you.



p/s: in screenshot ME21N, label 1 indicates 50000BND has been inserted at PO line item > net price but onceyy0000-1.jpgyy0000-2.jpgyy0000-3.jpgme21n.jpgpricing-analysis.jpg

hit ENTER, it became empty but at the same time updates PBXX amount. Net value remains zero.


yy0000-1.jpg (179.4 kB)
yy0000-2.jpg (184.4 kB)
yy0000-3.jpg (114.9 kB)
me21n.jpg (296.5 kB)