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Oct 04, 2019 at 11:10 AM

FIORI: Problems migrating personalized tiles between systems.


Hi experts,

We have a report that copies the personalization TILEs between two fiori users in the same system. This is achieved doing a copy of the configuration entries (wdy_conf_user, wdy_conf_usert, wdy_conf_usert2, /uif/lrepdcontu, /uif/lrepderefu, /uif/lrepdstxtu) by changing the user number field.

Trying to replicate the procedure between users of different systems via a RFC which does the insert part, the fiori client doesn’t load the TILES correctly. Using the web browser's developer tools screen appears this kind of error message (one for each personalized TILE).

2019-10-03 18:12:35.962010 Failed to load tile: Error (404, Not Found) in OData response for GET "/sap/opu/odata/UI2/PAGE_BUILDER_PERS/Chips('X-SAP-UI2-PAGE%3AX-SAP-UI2-CATALOGPAGE%3AZTB_BUS%3A00O2THOUWXOK0XVYHVOAF752G')?$expand=ChipBags/ChipProperties": HTTP request failed

Details: the chip resource doesn’t exist. - sap.ui2.srvc.ChipInstance({oChip:sap.ui2.srvc.Chip({sChipUrl:""}),bFullscreen:false}) sap.ushell_abap.adapters.abap.LaunchPageAdapter

The /ui2/flc transaction shows an ALV with the TILE CHIPs (In this case: 00O2THOUWXOK0XVYHVOAF752G). Debugging it we’ve seen that at some point it gives a select in the following tables:

/ui2/pb_c_chip: Cache for UI2 Pagebuilding Service: Chip

/ui2/pb_c_chipm: Cache for UI2 Pagebuilding Service: Chip

/ui2/pb_c_chipt: Cache for UI2 Pagebuilding Service: Chip Texts

/ui2/pb_c_chipmt: Cache for UI2 Pagebuilding Service: Chip Texts

2 of this tables (/ui2/pb_c_chipm and /ui2/pb_c_chipmt ) contains the “lost" chips in the original system.

The next that we try is copy all the entries of the original system tables in the destination system. Doing this 2 things happen.:

  • 1)The personalized tiles in the new system works well, but they doesn’t shows the title.
  • 2)When we apply the deleting cache’s protocol, the new DB entries are also deleted and the TILEs doesn’t work again.

Please help us, what should we do?