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Apr 03, 2006 at 11:00 AM

WorkFlow Error ........ Can we debug it ? Help.. it's urgent


Hi All,

I'm newbie in SAP and I realy need more explaination about worklow. I have two workflow : wf1 and wf2; and both of them will update complaint document status.

The scenario is if Event 1 raised then both of workflow will be triggered and both of workflow will check claim amount inputed by user.

If claim amount is greater than US$ 1000, wf2 will be cancelled and wf1 will ask approval from user, if the user approved then wf1 will update complain status from A to B.

If claim amount is less than or equals with US$ 1000 , wf1 will be cancelled and wf2 will update complain status from A to B.

In condition 1 ( claim amount > US$ 1000 ), the workflow works properly and there's no error occured.

But in condition 2 ( claim amount <= US$ 1000 ), an error occured while updating status.

Is there any reason why this happens ? Both of workflow used the same method from BUS2000120, that is USERSTATUSSET but in wf2 an error occured and the error code is 1005 ( Status Not Allowed ) but in wf1 wofks properly.

Is it because there's no delay in wf2 and the record still used by another process ? please advice me ....

Beside that I've tried to debug why error happens but it seems it can't be debuged because it works in background.

Is there any way to debug background process that done by WF-BATCH ?

Or can we simulate a workitem / action node in workflow ?

If there is any way please tell me step by step ...

Please advice me and many thanks in advance.


eddhie kurnianto