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Oct 03, 2019 at 10:33 AM

Path suffix not copied when using API Proxy as TargetEndpoint



When creating an API using another API Proxy as TargetEndpoint, the path suffix is not being copied to TargetEndpoint.

For example, consider an API (named as BaseAPI) to consume OData services on ES5 Demo System Invoking /Products on BaseAPI retrieves products correctly and as expected.

When another API is created by setting BaseAPI (an API Proxy) as target Endpoint, the call to /Products simply navigates to base path and retrieves edmx. i.e. final URL becomes instead of

Note that the query parameters seem to be working in both cases. For example, $format=json correctly gets response in JSON format.

In addition, the variable target.copy.pathsuffix is set to true by default, then why is the path not copied.

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