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Oct 08, 2019 at 08:20 AM

M7314 Valuated Stock Becomes Negative


I understand this question has been asked numerous times, however, I still cannot find a thread that helps me in regards to this issue. I am currently working with my company for access to SAP support portal, so in the meantime I am reaching out here. I have a user experienceing the "Valuated Stock Becomes negative" error when attempting to PGI a delivery.

The delivery has about 12 material numbers, and I found one material for specific plant with inconsistency between MB52 total value and Material master accounting view total value. I am not sure how to proceed in addressing this. Accounting view shows correct total value for Total Stock * Standard Price. MB52 shows greater value than the accounting total.

Any help or direction is greatly appreciated. Thank you.



pgi.png (103.5 kB)
pgi-1.png (46.2 kB)
pgi-2.png (61.6 kB)