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Oct 08, 2019 at 07:48 AM

Alv grid checkbox and radio button


Hello community,

I have a scenario which requires me to display a alv grid as below: The column1 needs to dynamically display checkbox or radiobutton as per table values: Radiobuttongrp options should be either or...

Column1 Column2

Checkbox. Fieldname1

Checkbox. Fieldname2

Checkbox. Fieldname3

Checkbox. Fieldname4

Radiobuttongrp1 Fieldname5

Radiobuttongrp1 Fieldname6

Radiobuttongrp1 Fieldname7

Radiobuttongrp2. Fieldname8

Radiobuttongrp2. Fieldname9

Radiobuttongrp2. Fieldname10

I have already developed an alv with checkboxes. But this requires a dynamic grid which needs to be populated correspondingly to values maintained in table...

I'm open to new suggestions as well just in case if this can be achieved through dynamic selection screen...