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Oct 02, 2019 at 01:18 PM

Update of object dependency allocation in Routings using CUKD_API_ALLOCATIONS_MAINTAIN


Hi All,

I need to develop some ABAP code which allows us to maintain dependency allocation for routing operations. I found the call CUKD_API_ALLOCATIONS_MAINTAIN which seems to be right one for this job. However, I'm not a completely sure about its input parameters. I understand that it either generates the KNOBJ ID or I can pass such an ID into the FM and this will eventually be the link to the operation. I also understand that I can define the dependencies itself using the BASIC_DATA table. But what is the purpose of the other tables like SOURCES? It seems to ignore whatever I enter and since we are talking about "global dependencies", I don't see how entering this information should make any sense.

Any information on this FM would be highly appreciated!