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Oct 04, 2019 at 07:14 PM

SAP BusinessObjects LDAP User Name Issue


Good Afternoon! I seem to be having some issues mapping accounts during the LDAP import process. The accounts are being created as expected, however, their login user name is being identified as their cn or first name space last name. I have changed the LDAP Server Attribute Mappings to point to the mail attribute, but despite how I map these attributes, it continues identifying their user name incorrectly; I need it to be their mail attribute.

For example, we have user John Doe in LDAP, and when added to a specific group, his account is created in SAP BI. The user properties look like this:

Account Name:

Full Name: John Doe


Having the account name mapped as the mail attribute lead me to believe that it would relate to their user name, however, I see below in the Alias section what may be the issue:

secLDAP:cn=john doe, ou=department, ou=division, dc=domain, dc=local

Is the cn defining the user name, and if so, how can this be changed in the alias to be the mail attribute?