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Oct 02, 2019 at 05:22 PM

Full Promotion Using LCMCLI - Very Slow - Not Utilizing RAM


I've read the pattern book over and over but the pattern book is not giving me the answers to solve this problem. I have a clustered environment (6 servers). One of them is strictly a LCM node

The first property file I'm testing is the top 1-2000 static, relationships, SI_PARENT_FOLDER_CUID, SI_OWNER, SI_PATH FROM CI_INFOOBJECTS,CI_APPOBJECTS,CI_SYSTEMOBJECTS WHERE DESCENDENTS("SI_NAME='Folder Hierarchy'", "SI_ID in (23)") AND SI_INSTANCE=0 ORDER BY SI_NAME ASC,SI_ID ASC

It runs for over 3 hours for 2000 reports... the RAM stays at 6.8GB in use out of 48GB total.

I have a dedicated LCM node which runs these services:

  1. CMS
  2. APS.Promotion (-Xms6g -Xmx8g)
  3. AJS.Promotion (Xms20g,Xmx30g)
  4. FRS.In
  5. FRS.Out

LCM_CLI.bat parameter is -Xmx8g

This should leave 2gb left for OS/SIA/CMS/FRS

Properties File (CMS):

  1. LCM_CMS (MSP-BILCM01:6400)
  2. SOURCE_CMS (MSP-BILCM01:6400)

I've created an LCMCLI user group and server group. I've put the 5 servers above in this server group. I've put the Administrator account in this user group. I've set the default settings on the LCMCLI user group to strictly use the servers in group LCMCLI for scheduling.

Also, when I go into CMC \ Sessions, I see Administrator has sessions open with client = Lifecycle management, however the CMS that these sessions are using is not the CMS that I have defined in the properties file for the LCM and SOURCE CMS.

Where am I going wrong? How do I make use of all of this RAM to speed this puppy up?