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Oct 01, 2019 at 04:30 AM

Single Inspection Lot with as many Operations in Inspection Plans as Material Quanity in GR

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Initially we had a requirement such that when GR aginst PO is done for a Material, then Inspection Lot is to be created. We have acheived this successfully such that the Inspection Plan with 02 MIC attached (on one operation) to the Material appears in the Inspection lot once created.

user has given a complex requirement such that:

For the same material and Inspection Plan discussed above, when GR is done then Inspection Lot to be created ( which already acheived) but now the user wants that as Quanity 50 was in GR then the Inspection lot to have the same MIC repeated 50 times (say Operation repeated 50 times) in the same Lot for recoerding results for all rather then creating 50 Inspection Lot.

We need a solution of either:

  1. "Further Inspection” node appearing in QE51N
  2. Any other option such that operation 0010 "Good Receipt Inspection ...' repeated as many time as GR quantity in a single Inspection Lot

Refer to below pic:




insp-lot.png (53.5 kB)