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Oct 07, 2019 at 04:56 PM

Show auxiliary packaging material when HU is created

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Hi community,

I need your help :) .

I have created a pack specification. Below this, I've created a second level with an auxiliary packaging materialis added to the second level. When I call up the packaging dialog in the inbound delivery, I see the HU created, but I do not see the auxiliary packaging material. How can I display them?

In addition, I would like to add a second auxiliary packaging material so that I have a box (main packing material with 24 pieces of the product) in which there are 4 layers (auxiliary packaging material) each with 6 hard rings (auxiliary packaging material), whereby the product is packed into a hard ring in each case. How can I exactly tell the system that there are 4 layers? In my case it always calculates the 24 pieces of the total product quantity.

Here are some of my screenshots. Thank you already in advance

Note that the other auxiliary packaging material isn't included yet.

Here I cannot find my auxiliary packaging material


1.jpg (167.3 kB)
2.jpg (190.6 kB)
3.jpg (167.2 kB)
4.png (41.5 kB)