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Oct 04, 2019 at 08:21 PM

Issues Changing Performance Based Maintenance Plans


We had a recent issue when we tried to change several performance based maintenance plans from a 4500 hour maintenance package to a 5000 hour package. After running IP30 the next day, the next call items were all wrong. It looks like the next planned counter reading was recalculated using the 5000 hour interval from the start counter reading when the plan was started, no matter how many calls had already happened. About half the plans had a shift factor of 0%, and the others were set to 100%. The plans with a shift factor of 100% applied the offset from the last call item to the new next planned counter reading for each plan.

Since this caused almost all of the plans to be scheduled earlier than needed, our planner tried to restart the plan using the counter reading at the completion of the last call item as the start counter reading. When the plan was restarted, the upcoming call item completion counter reading and next planned counter reading changed to the wrong values and it also looks like the scheduling type was changed to start in a cycle. If I look in IP16, it doesn't show up as start in cycle though. We are trying to figure out if we need to create new maintenance plans and start fresh, or if we can fix the issue with the current plans. We're not really sure where to start looking or why it's calculating these dates.

The images below show the scheduling parameters in use. The call algorithm is showing a last completion date of 7/17/2020, which doesn't correlate to anything else on the call list. The last image shows that next planned counter reading has been set to 80,000 hours, which is greater than the variance between the start counter reading and the cycle value of 5000 hours.

Thank you for any help in advance. I can try to provide more information Monday morning if needed.


Keith Douglass


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