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How to use stereotype as a dropdown list in PowerDesigner?

Our goal is to have the Stereotypes available for selection in our dropdown list (in one of the property tabs of an entity).

In the entity property, Systems tab, we have identified systems that use the entity. In the Stereotype column, we wanted to indicate (as a dropdown list) that in a particular system, it is the System of Record or a System of Reference (as examples).

We created the Stereotypes in the Extensions but we cannot pull it out to be in the dropdown (and I am sure I placed it in the wrong metaclass). Where specifically (which metaclass) should I create the Stereotypes?

We'd greatly appreciate direction to do this. I have added screenshots for reference.

Peter G

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2 Answers

  • Posted on Oct 04, 2019 at 07:51 AM

    Hi Peter, I am afraid that this is not how PD works. I understood, that you need to set stereotypes to the relationships between your entities and systems. In other words, in one entity, system CXL could be "System of record" and in another entity, the same system CXL could be "System of reference." If this is the case, than you have to use Traceability Links tab in your entities and your extension (with stereotypes under ExtendedDependency) will work just fine.

    If I am not right and you want to set stereotypes directly for the System (and not for the relationship between System and Entity), you have to define those stereotypes on the System metaclass (and not on ExtendedDependency metaclass.) It seems from your screenshots, that your Systems are Extended Collection of Systems from Enterprise Architecture Model. In that case go to your EAM extension and define your new stereotypes under System metaclass. But unfortunately, it is not possible to define stereotypes of Systems in the Entity properties. You will have to go to System properties and define it there.



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  • Posted on Oct 04, 2019 at 01:13 PM

    Hello Peter

    I would go with what Ondrej says about using Tracebility Links - these can be stereotyped, whereas an extended collection cannot be stereotyped. The stereotype column in your screen shot shows the stereotypes for the systems, not the links.

    There is another way - create two extended collections - Systems of Record and Systems of Reference. You would probably need a model check to make sure that an entity doesn't have a system in both Collections - simple enough to do.

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