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Oct 01, 2019 at 04:08 PM

XML to JSON Conversion Custom Rules - REST Receiver Adapter


Hi Community,

I am facing an issue with rest receiver adapter .

The scenario is PROXY - > REST

1. While passing number in a string formatted field , JSON takes it as a number

2. Array with one single record is considered as a structure so square brackets are omitted.

I am on PO 7.5 and also using XML to JSON conversion custom rules.

I know this is a widely discussed topic and i have already made progressed with help of such earlier questions as the tab for 'custom conversion' wasn't appearing earlier and after refreshing the REST adapter it started appearing on the channel..

Any clues on what else can be done or is missed ?

Pasting Receiver Channel screenshots for ready reference !

Thanks much !

Sachin Soni


rest-receiver1.png (20.4 kB)
rest-receiver2.png (14.7 kB)