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Apr 03, 2006 at 08:20 AM

How synchronous is a Synchronous Call Transaction


I have encountered the following problem when using the option CALL TRANSACTION 'VL02' USING bdcdate UPDATE 'S'.

- A batch job (A) with this call was finished succesfully. All return codes were 0 and the messages stated that the postings were succesfull.

- Just after this job was finished, another job (B) crashed because of a table space problem in Oracle. The table space was enlarged and the problem was solved.

- The next day however, we noticed that some postings from job A were not available anymore.

So the question is: is synchronous update of a CALL TRANSACTION really 100% synchronous. I would expect that after returning sy-subrc 0 and a system message that the posting had been succesfull, this posting was committed to the database. But after this problem I doubt this.

By the Way, I got no satisfying answer from OSS.


Ben Meijs

Ctac Netherlands