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Apr 03, 2006 at 08:05 AM

PC-UI: Modify the "Create" button in Opportunities



I would like to change the behavior of the "Create" button in the OIC toolbar in the Opportunities app. Right now when you press this button, a popup asks for the kind of opportunity you wish to create (out of a list of 3), but what we want is a complete new application (think ZCRMD_BUS2000111A, ZCRMD_BUS2000111B, ...) for each kind of Opportunity. So in each of the apps the create button should directly create the correct opportunity and not ask. I know it is asking because there is an event group attached to it, and removing that only triggers the regular create event, but I do not know how to set which opportunity gets created.

Any hints? I would guess I have to create new access classes for each of the apps and change some method, but after some digging I have not yet found a place where I could change things.

Any help would be appreciated.