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Feb 13, 2017 at 09:14 PM

Product Recommendations: demystify the algorithms please


Hello experts,

I am trying to understand the appropriate business scenarios for using the different product recommendation algorithms. What are the best use cases for the APRIORI_LITE and the FP-Growth algorithms/

The definition I see from is this:

"These algorithms use records from the data source SAP Hybris Marketing Interactions. The records are grouped by customer ID using FP-Growth (multiple leading items) or Apriori Lite (one leading item) respectively."

Does this mean that the FP-Growth algorithm is a better choice in a View Cart or Checkout page where there could be multiple products (and therefore multiple leading items) in the cart and the APRIORI_LITE is a better (or maybe an equal) choice when it comes to, say, a Product view page?