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Sep 26, 2019 at 08:41 PM

Documented Credit Decision is not working, ADS is not installed


Hi everyone,

We are installing S4HANA 1809, now we are trying to activate FIN-FSCM-DCD (Documented Credit Decision) but DCD cases are not being created, it is asking for Adobe Document Service (ADS), which we have not installed.

Our current scenario is the follwing:

  • FIN-FSCM-CR component is fully configured
  • A sales order is created, which is getting blocked due to credit limit problem
  • DCD element is not created, we can observ the following error in transaction SRT_UTIL (error log): "Adobe document services: SOAP Runtime Exception: CSoapExceptionTransport : (100101)"
  • ADS is not installed currently, is it absolutely needed in order to get a valid DCD being created? Taking into account that FSCM is now part of S4HANA.

Thanks in advance for your help.