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Sep 27, 2019 at 08:22 PM

time data conversion



I'm using SAP data services to extract data from some Plant Maintenance tables into an SQL database. The extract fails on some fields with a time data type even though the SQL field is also data type time(7). It seems to work OK when there's an actual time value in the PM table field (i..e. 07:00:00 000000000) but fails if the time value is 24:00:00 000000000 or 00:00:00 000000000.

Why is this? Cast(time_field, 'time') doesn't work either. to_char(time_field, 'H24:mm:ss') as varchar(24) field works but I prefer not to use that since the back end SQL database may have issues calculating time differences. Is there any other function in SAP data services that I can use to force a SAP time data type into an SQL time data type?