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Former Member
Apr 01, 2006 at 09:00 PM

LO extraction's doubts


Hi Gurus

Would you pl clear me on the folloings with respect to LO extraction.

1.Which is preferrable update mode when we transfer the data from R/3 to BW?

Direct update

Queue delta

Unserialized V3?

2.When we maintain datasource in R/3 if we hide some fileds then what are its implications on reporting ? will they hide permenantly ? and whats the use of "Invasion field " and "filed only known in customer exit"?

3.I was tring to see data in RSA3 after filling up the set up table but the datasource 2LIS_02_ITM is not available and cant disaply data.Why? do i need to change some IMGs?

4.How to lock and unlock users when we fill up set up tables and for what reson we need to do that?