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Sep 24, 2019 at 05:43 PM

Getting 6 hr delay timestamp value when Creating YR by using Standard BAPI


Hi Everyone,

I have a requirement to create Yard Request(YR) based on the file/record receive from PI/PO system. I used the Standard BAPI provided by SAP to Create & Update YR in the program but when I check the Created YR in tiles, I can find that there is delay of 6 hr , Eg: When record has passed the time as 8 am then it will show 2 am under Created YR. I don't know why but when I checked by created YR via SE37 BAPI just for testing and to verify , so pass the Date/Time field along with other required fields as 8 am then getting 7 am in the output i.e 1 hr delay when creating YR via BAPI directly. But same BAPI when I use in program to create YR getting 6 hr delay.

I even check the Display User using T-code SU01 , everything is good. Even when check in debug mode I can find that , system is taking Timestamp value correct only i.e 20190710080000 but in the output it shows 2019071002000.

Can someone help me how to resolve this issue or what could be the reason for this issue , is this because of any confriguration setting issue or something else.

Thank you in advance for your help.