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Sep 26, 2019 at 12:41 PM

BAPI_SALESORDER_CREATEFROMDAT2 doesn't work in Prod. environment (but it does in test environment)


Dear experts,

We have faced this situation in our system. When using BAPI_SALESORDER_CREATEFROMDAT2.

We are transfering a custom field in a BAPI extension (same BAPI_SALESORDER_CREATEFROMDAT2) and it works perfectly in test environment but not in the production one. The program versions are same in test system and production system.

We have had the possibility for debugging in PRO and the same values are being transfered but finally in the standard table it isn't written, nevertheless it is in the test environment.

We have found a similar posted request, but there isn´t enough information:

Is there any system configuration required in this case?

Thanks in advance,