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apo pp/ds block planning - incorrect results of SAP_PP_002 heuristic run

Feb 13, 2017 at 07:54 PM


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I am running block planning with pds for non-configurable products using classification of operations (routings) and pds in apo. the PDS are updated with the right class/characteristic value.

I defined following block intervals:

until 6.3. 5:59:59 - block 10 - characteristic value: blue (PDS 1- Prio 2)

6.3. 6:00 to 2.4. 5:59:59 - block 20 - characteristic value: red (PDS 2 - Prio 1)

2.4. 6:00 onward - block 10 - characteristic value: blue (PDS 1- Prio 2)

When I run the heuristic SAP_PP_002 the demand is covered correctly in the first block interval = the PIR are coved on time, 1 day earlier or on the same day as of the requirements day.

In the second interval the demand is covered correctly as in the first block interval until the last day of that block interval. On the last day of the second interval the heuristic creates a lot of planned orders so that PIRs for the following 6 weeks are covered!!! there is absolutely no need to have these coverage so many days earlier. The PIRs should be covered by planned orders in the following block interval as they are spread across these 6 weeks.

After these 6 weeks from the end day of the second block interval, the planned orders are again correctly generated = same day of the requirement or 1 day before.

The strategy settings are as follows:

- infinitive scheduling

- backwards with revers

- block planning: consider

Heuristic: no reuse mode set; FIFO

; no earliness of receipts (empty)

Any idea what might be the reason why the heuristic creates so many pl orders too earlier as if trying to use the pds with the highest priority assigned to the second block interval (20), even though there is no need to cover the PIRs so many days in advance? Otherwise the results are ok as described above. At the moment I could not find the reason for that misbehavior of the heuristic at the end of the second interval.

Thank you in advance for any good hints!



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2 Answers

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Wojciech Syrzysko Mar 10, 2017 at 11:37 AM

Hi Yasmin,

no safety stock method is maintained. on top of that a daily lot-size is used.

the sap_pp_002 heuristic should create pl orders in May

instead of having created too early so many at the last working day in April.

but I still could not find why?




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Yasmin Alayyan
Feb 20, 2017 at 06:32 PM


Could you please check if there is any Safety stock method set for the products?


Yasmin Alayyan.

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