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Sep 24, 2019 at 10:56 AM

Not able to save data in Input ready bex query (on top of Direct Update ADSO).


Hi Experts,

In my current project we have requirement to enter KPIs definition information (Like Name, Type, Scale, etc.) using input ready and direct update ADSO.

So, we have created flow as below:

  1. Required Infoobjects (Without Master data).
  2. Direct Update ADSO (with required I/Os).
  3. Aggregation Level on top of Direct Update ADSO. (Aggregation contains all I/Os that available in ADSO)
  4. Bex query on top of Aggregation with following settings:
  1. Open in change mode.
  2. All Key figures with Input ready and Disaggregation (Equal value).
  3. All dimensions & key figures of Aggregation Level is available in row & columns.

While running this query in RSRT, query is opening in change mode and we are able to enter values but when we click on save button – First time it’s showing “Disaggregation not possible as reference not found” after that it’s showing nothing.

Please let me know if I missed something in development.


Girish Lakhani