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Sep 26, 2019 at 10:21 AM

Changing the Priority in SAP system trace (TCODE SM21)



There are some changes need to do in SAP system trace log. There is the "priority" we have for each log traced but for some log there is some high priority log. We can get the system trace using TCODE - SM21 using SAP GUI.

- Is there any way we can change the "Priority" level assigned. Kindly Suggest how can we change or some other way to eliminate for a specific trace.

- Can we change the Syslog entry in a type with a green symbol (at the moment sap standard type is marked with a red symbol), but this is only cosmetic?

We use the function module DEST_DELETE to delete the destination. I gave my best to resolve this issue. I debugged the delete destination function module ( DEST_DELETE) from the below code SAP the delete method adds the syslog entry.

* create syslog-entry

CONCATENATE sy-uname '&' name INTO l_syslog.


ID 'TYP' FIELD space


ID 'DATA' FIELD l_syslog.

I can understand that this will cause the some issues if there SAP system is monitored by some Monitoring tools.

I checked the delete destination using T Code SM59. If we delete the destination using SM59 the syslog entry for delete destination also logged. The behavior is the same in SAP 70 and 750.