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Sep 26, 2019 at 07:50 AM

SAP Credit Management - Updating FI document problem


Hello SAP credit management experts

We are implementing SAP credit management with the following requirement: We want to have the updating of the sales and receivables values (table KNKK) only for SD order types (or pos. types).

In the customizing I use for the "Data for updating SD" value “000018”. In my understanding, the updating starts in the SD from Order to invoice to FI document. In the customizing, we also specified which position type should be relevant for the credit management. In SD the behavior of the system is as expected. The credit value of sales (KNKK) is only update if a certain pos. type’s.

A problem we are facing for the receivables value. Because the updating starts in SD and after that is written to FI I expected that somehow the system knows if a FI document is relevant for credit management (information from SD about the pos. type). But as I tested I found that this not the case. For each invoice I release to FI the value of the receivables (KNKK) is updated.

Because we have a lot of orders for which the value in SD and also in FI should never have an effect on the credit management this not working for us as described above.

Is there any solution for this problem in the customizing or a leas a user exit that can be used?