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Sep 24, 2019 at 05:35 PM

Diagnostic Agents for Multi tenant Hana instances


Hi Folks,

I am an old, wayback Solman basis guy from the 3.2 days, had the magic 3.2 to 7.0 overnight upgrade. Istalled a new 7.1 and upgraded it to 7.2 and we are now running it and our ECC environment on Hana. I am struggling with the concept of how the DAA agents work in a multi tenant instance. Logic tells me that there should be one agent for each tenant but documentation doesn't say so.. I'm good with that. The problem I am having is managed system configuration. For example, I have a multi tenant development hana instance, HWD. WIthin this instance is the standard systemdb, DEV (our ECC dev system), SB4 (BW for Hana dev) and SBW (legacy BW on Hana). When I go to managed system configuration, DEV is associated with hwddb (short name for our dev hana instance) and that configuration is green, all 9 steps. Now comes the problem... DBW and DB4 are also associated with HWDDB but there is only 1 agent available, which is assigned to the ecc DEV system. My first thought was an agent on the fly scenario, but those are host driven and the agent on the fly admin site will not allow me to create additional agents. Can anyone out there in the solman abyss help an old guy understand the concept of diagnostic agents in a multi tenant environment. I have read the notes and the blogs and the wiki's, but none of them seems to have the hook I need to understand this. I appreciate everyone's time and thank you all in advance for your help.