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Sep 24, 2019 at 09:35 AM

EWM Return to vendor - find corresponding HUs


Dear all,

I've tried to return HUs in EWM to vendor using transaction /SCWM/PRDI. In case of full return and batch relevant materials everything works fine. But in the case of partial returns I've the problem to select correct HUs.

In detail: I've a inbound delivery of material 1, quantity 10000 PCE on three HUs (a: 2000 PCE, b: 3000 PCE, c: 5000 PCE). Now, there is a problem with HU a, which has to be returned to supplier. In warehouse already old material of 1 also exists (HU d: 2000 PCE, e: 5000 PCE). In transaction /SCWM/PRDI (-> return to vendor) I'll select directly HU a for return and a outbound delivery will be created with quantity 2000 PCE. Is it possible to save also HU information to inform EWM that HU a has to be returned. Otherwise, do you have an idea for picking strategy, so that correct HU will be picked (HU a instead of d).

Any suggestions are welcome.

Thank you very much


P.S.: I know that Alper Keskin has a good idea to use only one storage bin for goods return. Thus, creating warehouse task manually to that special bin and return everything from that place. But in this process, a further step makes it more complex and I'm searching for smooth solution.