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Sep 24, 2019 at 10:58 AM

Fiori Elements App Extension : Analytical (Fiori Elements) List Report


Hello Experts,

I am facing issue when trying to extend (add column) to the standard fiori elements app "Stock - Multiple Materials" for app type analytical (fiori elements). The issue is as below:

1. from sap web-ide i have imported the related bsp application to extend. But i am not getting the new>extension option for this type of app. One of the reason i assume is that the app type is analytical (fiori elements) and i am not sure if this extension option would work for this type of app.

I have tried creating another list report fiori elements app of from OData service of app type transactional (fiori elements), and for this, it works fine and i am getting the option for creation of new extension and can add column.

So i am not sure if the issue is because of app type or we have to try in any other way to add a column to this fiori elements app of type analytical (fiori elements) list report.

Please suggest.

Thanks! in Advance for your help and time.




stock-multimas1.png (287.2 kB)