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Sep 24, 2019 at 09:19 AM

S4 Hana 1809 - Depreciation Areas Setup


Hello all,

i need a small help on the above subject:

Requirement is - we have two depreciation areas VIZ., IFRS and Local & we also have one parallel currency [Group] area for each of them. We have created two ledgers one each IFRS and local reporting and thus 2 ledger groups [IFRS has 0L as representative ledger and local ledger obviously has itself].

and in the assets config, we have IFRS area assigned with accounting principle IFRS [target ledger group IFRS derives automatically from the assignment] and Local area with Local accounting principle [screen shots below]

1. Define Depreciation areas settings:

2. Depreciation terms rule takeover settings:

3. Specify transfer of APC values

As I have highlighted in the screen 3 above in the APC value adoption settings, the depn area 30 should come-up with 00 under value adoption column as it does correctly for 'transfer of depn terms' [please see screen 2 above] which something where i have lost.

could you please throw some light on this? Have i missed anything in the config? OR have done something wrong somewhere?

Thanks in advance.