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Sep 23, 2019 at 10:04 AM

parameter who controls the linked -prompt number formats


Dear community I have the following problem: Webi Report with link to another Report -passing selected parameters.

Same Report with passing parameters to another report– different behaviour – PROD SAP BO BI and TEST

Having a colum with a Bon Nr.

Select one Value –open another report using this value as filter

Destination Report takes correct Value and gives Data 1319

Same Report same Universe but newer Testsystem (Another BO _Version – but maybe also other differences…? Anywhere else?)

The number 1319 is interpreted as 1,318 with a "," as Separator for decimals!

and so NO data returns…

Where can I look for a parameter who controls the linked -prompted number formats?

Well the universe is the same

Oracle NLS-Lang is the same

Country Settings of the servers are the same..

Server Version

Test is Windows Server 2016

Prod is Windows Server 2012 R2

Since the same Browser is used for Prod and Test tests... there are the same things.

Where else to look?

Wobi, wondering !


bon1.png (854 B)
bon3.png (1.4 kB)
bon2.png (798 B)