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Sep 20, 2019 at 09:59 AM

How to add the additional item data with existing table collection and refreshing?


Hi All,

I am working on SAPUI5 Application development. In my app i am using, sap.ui.table. From OData service, i got an collection, which i consumed, and set an local json model for my further need. I bounded the local json into sapui5 table, i able to see the data.

Later as per my app scenario, i need to add more data into the table row(via button on the table tool bar).once i added the, new rows into the table, i have a save button at the top which should update the latest added entries to the OData Collection, and my table also should be refreshed.

I have a question:

1. How to add the new records with the existing collection(json), in the table?

2. once i added, i called the create entityset. how to update the local json model and table bindings?

Thank you,