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Sep 18, 2019 at 04:15 PM

Can SDA be used to Load/Update data from HANA system into a Target Oracle system?



From all the documentation that is available on the SDA(Smart Data Access), it is pretty clear that this technology/feature can be used to remotely Query/Access data from various remote sources(Oracle, SQL Server database etc) inside SAP HANA;

My question is with respect to the capability of SDA to actually update data into these remote sources from SAP HANA;

Is the following scenario possible with SDA?

(1) I have an Oracle based application that has 2 tables

(2) Using SDA, we created this "Oracle system" as a Remote source and we are able query data and even create calculation views using these 2 Oracle tables

Now we want to push data from a HANA calculation view into one of these Oracle tables using SDA; I read that Insert/Updates on virtual/remote tables are now possible with SDA; Does SDA support updating the remote source tables?

We currently use another middleware to push data from SAP HANA system into oracle database; But if SDA has this capability to update data into target systems, then we want to explore that option instead of using a middleware;

Please help me understand if SDA is capable of doing this?