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Sep 23, 2019 at 07:28 AM

Shipment Cost based on pallets quantity and ship-to parties


Hi all,

it was request to develop an user-exit in which the Freight Cost are calculated based on pallets issued for each delivery.

But in some scenarios a shipment can contain more than one delivery to the same ship-to party. Now the freight cost is extracted wrongly from the scales table.

How we can handle this?

The summarization of pallets and calculation of freight cost should be based on a total of issue pallets pr. shipment to each customer.


If shipment XXXXX contains 3 deliveries A (4 Pallets), B (5 palettes) and C(4 pallets).
A and B is goods to the same ship-to party.
Values calculated to extract freight cost rates from the scales table for ship-to "A" should be 9 pallets.

Please help.