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Sep 22, 2019 at 11:31 AM

KPI Payment behaviour fields not updated in BP credit management role


We see some custom fields in the KPI payment behaviour tab in UKM_BP transaction.

They seem to be not updated correctly. Experts can you help us find out how these fields are updated.

I see some code in the Ukm_vector_push and ukm_check_step BADI related to the custom fields.

These fields have been added in the structure

CI_UKM_S_BP_VECTOR_KPI. Trying to find out how these BADIs are triggered.

I checked the report ukm_transfer_vector but these BADIs are not triggered. Seems like the delta updates for these fields are not happening. What would be the trigger point for the BP custom fields to be updated??Is there any PI interface related? Any clues would be highly appreciated.