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Sep 20, 2019 at 03:07 PM

Use Target Group ID as a condition for displaying content in email


I'm creating a campaign that will be sent to a merged (e.g. TG ID 1 and TG ID 2), dynamic Target Group (TG).

In the Content Studio, I have created an email with a content that should display only to a sub TG of the merged TG (e.g. TG ID 1). For this, I'm using the atrtibute "Campaign > Target Group" and the condtion "equal 1" to make sure that only contacts from the TG ID 1 will see this specific block of content...

When testing with "Test Email with a TG", and using TG ID 1 (which I purposefully temporarily set to Static), I can never have my content displayed...

Do you know how to make this work?